Monday, February 1, 2016

15mm Crescent Root Town Set


My birthday presents arrived!!!  I picked up the brand new 15mm Crescent Root Town Set, and it's absolutely beautiful.  I can't wait to get them on the table; when I got home from work to find the box waiting on me I couldn't help but set them up to take a look.  My older son played with them for a good hour.

But let's get to them.

Here's how they came.  I love the fact that something so big and so beautiful can easily be put right back in here for storage.

Now for the unveiling...

Ta-daa!!!  Awesome!!!  I'm so happy I made this purchase!  Panda and Slavin look out, I'm comin' for ya.  Okay, maybe not, but this is a big step in that direction (for me, at least).  This is the whole set, which comes pre-painted AND pre-assembled.  You just pull it out of the box and BAM!  You're ready to go.

Sorry, some of the buildings (bottom left) are skewed off their base from my boy playing with them.  Still beautiful ;)

The whole set comprises the following:
-2' x 2' mat that's printed on mousepad type material.
-Five buildings with detachable roofs and floors (each story comes apart).
-A textured base for each building.
-Each building comes with at least one separate 'bombed out' story.  Ugh, I just realized I didn't take photos of any of the bombed out sections...

Some close-ups.  I can't stop looking at them.

Another closeup.  The printed mat is really vibrant looking and looks to be quite durable.

Grandma's house with a fenced in front yard (garden for you Brits).

The other side of Grandma's house.

A look down main street.

One of the buildings with the roofs removed.  Again, each story can be removed as well.  I really like the fact that the building interiors are finished as well.

That same building, all pulled apart.

I recently finished up some cool Rebel Minis government agents, haven't posted them yet, so consider this a sneak preview.  In any case, I wanted to show some 15mm guys next to the buildings to give a sense of scale.  The buildings are big enough I think you can actually get away with using them for 20mm too, and you know I'll be using them for 10mm fights.

Agent Smith searching the lot for Neo.

Joined by a buddy.

Dammit, I just can't have a post without a blurry pic in it!  Anyway, there's the missus come to water her hedges.  Please ignore the giant, chrome-plated pistol in her left hand, she's sweet as can be.

One last look.  I feel like a little kid when I'm looking at this, just marveling at it.  I almost pushed my boy out of the way and started moving the figures around, making little shooty sounds.  But a man must maintain some semblance of pride; I only make shooty sounds when I'm upstairs by myself ;)

On a side note, I also received my 15mm Eureka Minis WWII Japanese troops and some Battlefront 15mm OH-6 helos.  Quite a day!

Stay tuned, more posts of finished 15mm troops to come.



  1. WOW, Wow, Wow, wow.
    Jack these look great. Cresent Root are the best. I have some of their old 15mm and some of their new 28mm but these look even better. You deserve excellent terrain and you're getting there buddy.
    BTW I should be able to continue the PBeM soon...I've been really really busy at home recently

  2. Hey Jack,

    They look excellent. Very tempting. They will look the business in your battle reports.

    Thanks for the "yard" translation for us Brits. For the record, the walled garden belongs to "granny's" house and main street would be the "high street" - just in case you ever get the Royal Marines into that town. Jolly good show, top hole old boy!

    As the lady in red is in granny's house, she is clearly Little Red Riding Hood and is looking for the Big Bad Wolf.

    Seriously though, lovely kit and I've got to say I'm sorely tempted. Happy (belated?) birthday by the way.

    Cheers Andy.

  3. That is simply amazing and I am very jealous. I cannot wait to see them on the table. It makes me want to fork out for 20mm equivalent stuff but the companies that so 20mm pre-painted buildings are not in the same city, and shipping them is so expensive.

  4. Wow...that's is brilliant!

    All pre-painted too? What a great addition to the terrain collection.

  5. Wow, thanks everyone! But I'm a little miffed...

    I bust my butt painting and basing all these 15mm troops, then I get these, simply pull them out of the box, and you guys go wild ;)