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KG Klink OOB - France 1940

Here is the Table of Organization for KG Klink for the Campaign in France, May 1940.

The patriarch, founding father, patron saint, original member, and Lieutenant Colonel of Panzer troops commanding the kampfgruppe, now sporting the Iron Cross 2nd Class for his combat leadership during the campaign in Poland:

                                                                Lieutenant Colonel Klink

Date/Location: France, May 1940

Legend: IAB: Infantry Assault Badge
              PAB: Panzer Assault Badge
              TKB: Tank Killer Badge
              Orange Highlight ("PolCam"): Sort of a campaign ribbon to show he fought in Poland.
              Red Highlight (with number): Shows the number of tanks knocked out by that Panzer crew.
              Green Highlight ("IC1" and IC2)" Iron Cross holder, either 1st or 2nd Class.

Commanding Officer: Lt Col Klink (IAB, PolCamIC2)
Executive Officer: Maj Schultz (IAB, WB (1), PolCam, IC2)

Panzer Company - Capt Bohm (PAB, WB (1), PolCam(Pz IVD)

1st Panzer Platoon - 2nd Lt Schiffer (PAB, WB (1), PolCam(Pz Ib)
Vehicle Two - Sgt Zedler (PAB, WB (1), PolCam(Pz II)
Vehicle Three - Sgt Mettner (PolCam(Pz II) 
Vehicle Four - Cpl Gruden (Pz II)
Vehicle Five - Cpl Peske (Pz Ib)

2nd Panzer Platoon - 1st Lt Loeb (PAB, WB (2), PolCam, IC2(4 TK) (Pz IIIF)
Vehicle Two - SSgt Grossman (PAB, PolCam(Pz IIIF) 
Vehicle Three - Sgt Mayer (PAB, PolCam(1 TK) (Pz IIIF)
Vehicle Four - Sgt Harms (PolCam(Pz IIIE) 
Vehicle Five -  (Pz IIIE)

3rd Panzer Platoon - Sgt Fittzbaum (PAB, WB (1), PolCam(Pz IIIF)
Vehicle Two - Cpl Otjen (PAB, PolCam(1 TK) (Pz IIIE)
Vehicle Three -  Cpl Krisnel (Pz IIIE)
Vehicle Four -  Cpl Geiger (Repl, F4) (Pz IIIF)
Vehicle Five - (Pz IIIE)

4th Panzer Platoon - SSgt Mangold (PAB, WB (1), PolCam) (2 TK) (Pz IVC) 
Vehicle Two -   Cpl Rausch (Repl, F4) (Pz IVD) 
Vehicle Three - Sgt Graebner (PolCamIC1 and 2(4 TK) (Pz IVD)  
Vehicle Four -  Sgt Kapp (PolCam(Pz IVC)
Vehicle Five - Cpl Progen (Pz IVC)

Schutzen Company - Capt Freitag (IAB, PolCamIC2)

1st Grenadier Platoon - 1st Lt Klugmann (IAB, PolCamIC1 and 2)
1st Rifle Squad - SSgt Aust (IAB, PolCam)
2nd Rifle Squad - Sgt Kamphaus (IAB, PolCam)
3rd Rifle Squad - Sgt Lehmkuhl (IAB, WB (1), PolCam)
4th Rifle Squad - (Elim F2)

2nd Grenadier Platoon - 1st Lt Tausch (IAB, PolCamIC1 and 2)
1st Rifle Squad - Sgt Lutz (IAB, PolCam)
2nd Rifle Squad - Cpl Lipniki (Repl F4)
3rd Rifle Squad -  Sgt Axthelm (IAB, PolCam)
4th Rifle Squad - Cpl Arteis

3rd Grenadier Platoon - SSgt Janke (IAB, PolCam, IC2)
1st Rifle Squad - Sgt Hauer (IAB, WB (1), PolCamIC2)
2nd Rifle Squad - Sgt Nader (IAB, PolCam)
3rd Rifle Squad - Cpl Arndt (IAB, WB (1), PolCam)
4th Rifle Squad - Cpl Coulver

4th Grenadier Platoon - SSgt Mader (IAB, TKB (1), PolCamIC2)
1st Rifle Squad - Sgt Imhofe (IAB, PolCamIC2)
2nd Rifle Squad - Sgt Kandler (IAB, PolCam)
3rd Rifle Squad - Cpl Rishel
4th Rifle Squad - LCpl Hackl (IAB, PolCam)

Schwere Platoon - SSgt Dorn (IAB, PolCam)
MG Squad - Cpl Creuzburg (IAB, PolCam(MG34) 
                   - LCpl Steinkamp (IAB, PolCam(MG34)
Mortar Squad - Sgt Osswald (IAB, PolCam(80mm mortar)
                       - LCpl Vigerte (80mm mortar)
Field Gun Section - Sgt Oberlander (IAB, PolCam(75mm gun)
                              - Cpl Kallmeyer (IAB, PolCam(75mm gun)
Anti-Tank Gun Section - Sgt Kallenbach (IAB, WB (1), PolCam) (PaK-36 37mm ATG) 
                                       - Cpl Drexler (IAB, PolCam(PaK-36 37mm ATG)

Reconnaissance Company - 1st Lt Wehner (IAB, TKB (1), WB (2), PolCamIC2)

Armored Reconnaissance Platoon - 2nd Lt Weider (IAB, PolCam(1 TK) (Sdkfz 222)
2nd Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle - Sgt Keck, (PAB, WB (1), PolCam, IC2) (1 AC) (Pz II) 
3rd Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle -  (Sdkfz 231)
4th Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle - LCpl Fasbender (Rep F2) (Sdkfz 222)
5th Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle - Cpl Edst (Sdkfz 222)

1st Motorcycle Platoon - SSgt Gradl (IAB, WB (1), PolCamIC2)
1st Motorcycle Squad - SSgt Sachs (IAB, WB (1), PolCam)
2nd Motorcycle Squad - Cpl Rein (Repl F1)
3rd Motorcycle Squad - Cpl Wilhelm (IAB, PolCam)
4th Motorcycle Squad - (Combined with 2nd Squad, F1)

2nd Motorcycle Platoon - SSgt Behrendt (IAB, PolCam, IC2)
1st Motorcycle Squad - Sgt Eisen (IAB, PolCam)
2nd Motorcycle Squad - Cpl Obst (IAB, WB (1), PolCam)
3rd Motorcycle Squad - Cpl Wallon
4th Motorcycle Squad - Cpl Pankau (IAB, PolCamIC2)

Assault Engineer Platoon - 2nd Lt Orstens (PolCam)
1st Engineer Squad - Sgt Barkstrom (IAB, PolCam)
2nd Engineer Squad - Sgt Hafl (IAB, PolCam)
3rd Engineer Squad - Sgt Klivens (IAB, WB (1), PolCam)
4th Engineer Squad - Cpl Dilbertt (IAB, PolCam)

Assault Gun Platoon - Sgt Wagner (Stug III)
2nd Assault Gun - Sgt Gebhardt (Stug III)
3rd Assault Gun - Sgt Kulle (Stug III)

Panzerjaeger Platoon -Sgt Dittrich (PzJgr I)
2nd Anti-Tank Vehicle - Sgt Taube (PzJgr I)
3rd Anti-Tank Vehicle - Cpl Hamburg (PzJgr I)

Sgt Keck, (PAB, WB (1), PolCam, FreCamIC2) (1 AC), Return (F1).
Sgt Pichler (PAB, WB (1), PolCam, FreCamIC2), V3 Arm Rec Plt, Campaign  (F1).
Cpl Visner (IAB, WB (1), FreCamIC2), 4th Squad, 1st M/C Plt, Campaign (F1).
Cpl Dortmund (PAB, WB (1), FreCam), V4 Arm Rec Plt, KIA (F1).
Cpl Benten (PAB, WB (1), FreCam), V5, 2nd Pz Plt, KIA (F1).
Sgt Lowenstam (IAB, WB (2), PolCam, Frecam), 2nd Squad, 1st M/C Plt, KIA (F1).
Cpl Orel (IAB, WB (1), FreCam), 4th Squad, 1st Inf Plt, Campaign (F2).
SSgt Mangold (PAB, WB (1), PolCamFrecam) (2 TK), 4th Pz Plt Cmdr, Return (F3).
SSgt Friessler (PAB, WB (1), PolCam, Frecam) (4 TK), 3rd Pz Plt Cmdr, Campaign (F3).
Sgt Jurgens (PAB, WB (2), PolCamFrecam), V2, 4th Pz Plt, Campaign (F3).
Sgt Emmerich (PAB, WB (1), PolCamFrecam), V3, 3rd Pz Plt, KIA (F3).
1st Lt Loeb (PAB, WB (2), PolCamFrecam), 2nd Pz Plt Cmdr, WIA - Return (F4).
Sgt Hasselbach (IAB, WB (2), PolCam,Frecam), 2nd Squad, 3nd Inf Plt, KIA (F4).

1st Lt Ost (IAB, WB (1), PolCam)

Left Out of Battle:
Officer Cadet Fahrmann (1st Pz Plt, PAB, PolCam, 2 TK) (Officer Training)
Officer Cadet Kleiber (4th Pz Plt, PAB, WB (1), PolCam) (Officer Training)
Officer Cadet Hinkle (1st Gren Plt, IAB, WB (1), PolCam(Officer Training)
Officer Cadet Haas (2nd Gren Plt, IAB, PolCamIC2) (Officer Training)
Officer Cadet Distler (Arm Rec Plt, PAB, PolCam(Officer Training)

F1: 2nd Lt Weider (PC, Arm Rec Plt), 1 Tank Kill (F1); Sgt Pichler (V3, Arm Rec Plt), Mentioned in Dispatches for Valor in fighting off French infantry charge, Wound Badge, WIA Campaign (F1); Cpl Visner (4th Squad, 1st M/C Plt), Awarded Iron Cross 2nd Class for leading close assault, Wound Badge, WIA Campaign (F1); Sgt Keck (V2, Arm Rec Plt), Wound Badge, WIA - return (F1); Cpl Benten (V5, 2nd Pz Plt), Wound Badge, Panzer Assault Badge, KIA (F1); Cpl Dortmund (V4, Arm Rec Plt), Wound Badge, Panzer Assault Badge, KIA (F1); Sgt Lowenstam (2nd Squad, 1st M/C Plt), Wound Badge, Infantry Assault Badge, KIA (F1); Lost: 35 KIA/WIA, 1 Pz Mk III, 1 Pz Mk II, 1 Sdkfz 232, 1 Sdkfz 222; Caused: 50 KIA/WIA, captured 10, captured 1 damaged H35 light tank.

F2: Sgt Graebner (V3, 4th Pz Plt), Recommended for Iron Cross 2nd Class for eliminating two tanks and two rifle squads (F2); Sgt Lehmkuhl (3rd Sqd, 1st Inf Plt), Mentioned in Dispatches for valor for capturing one tank crew and one rifle squad (F2); Cpl Orel (4th Sqd, 1st inf Plt) WIA Campaign (F2); Lost: ~15 KIA/WIA; Caused: ~35 KIA/WIA, captured ~15 POW, knocked out two H39 tanks.

F3: Sgt Graebner (V3, 4th Pz Plt), Recommended for Iron Cross 1st Class for eliminating two tanks and capturing two enemy tank crews (F3); SSgt Mangold, (4th Pz Plt Cmdr), WIA - Return (F3); SSgt Friessler, (3rd Pz Plt Cmdr), WIA Campaign (F3); Sgt Jurgens (V2, 4th Pz Plt), WIA Campaign (F3); Sgt Emmerich (V3, 3rd Pz Plt), KIA (F3); Lost: ~15 KIA/WIA, 2 Pz Mk III, 2 Pz Mk IV; Caused: ~20 KIA/WIA, captured ~10 POWs, 1 H39 knocked out, 1 Char B knocked out, 1 H39 damaged and captured, 2 Char Bs damaged and captured.

F4: 1st Lt Loeb (2nd Pz Plt Cmdr), Recommended for Iron Cross 2nd Class for eliminating two tanks and fighting off an enemy rifle squad in close combat before being overrun by another, WIA - Return (F4); Cpl Axthelm (3rd Squad, 2nd Inf Plt) Mentioned n Dispatches for eliminating an enemy rifle squad and capturing another, as well as an enemy anti-tank gun.  Meritoriously promoted to Sergeant (F4); Sgt Grossman (V2, 2nd Pz Plt) Mentioned in Dispatches for eliminating two enemy rifle squads, one in close combat, capturing an anti-tank gun crew, and for placing his vehicle in grave danger to shield comrades (Lt Loeb's vehicle) (F4); Sgt Hasselbach (2nd Squad, 2nd Inf Plt), KIA (F4); Lost: ~10 KIA/WIA, 1 Pz Mk III; Caused: ~70 KIA/WIA, captured ~50 POWs, 2 R35s knocked out, 2 25mm ATGs captured.


  1. Hi Jack,

    Cool, lots of experience there. Might not be so many tank crews left if they come up against a few Matilda IIs around Arras.

    Looking forward to the 1940 campaign!

    Cheers, Andy

  2. Yep, my favourite period, I'll be following this one

  3. Thanks fellas. I'm actually rearing to go, but I'm waiting on some goodies from Pendraken to get the forces finished up. I'll be featuring both the Brits and French, armor as follows:

    1 Matilda II
    1 Cruiser A13 (I think a 13, not sure)
    2 Matilda Is
    2 Vickers

    1 Char B
    2 Somuas
    3 R35s

    Up against my same complement of Pz IIs, IIIs, and IVs (short). Hopefully the French and Brits don't thin the herd too much...