Saturday, May 3, 2014

Delta, Highlands, or DMZ?


So, yesterday I got a couple skirmish games in.  They were WWII and I was lamenting the fact I had bought a bunch of Pendraken stuff for Vietnam but had never finished them, so, guess what I did today?  Yup, and here's the proof.  Please take a gander at my latest forces.  I did a 'rush' paintjob, but they look as good as any I ever do, and I'm pretty happy with the the wash; not sure if it's factual, but I feel like I'm getting better.

Here's the whole force.  I didn't quite go 0 to 60 today, all the figures had been cleaned, glued to popsicle sticks, and primed khaki.  Today I painted them, based them, 'grassed' them, and washed them, and still need to hit them with matte spray.  I must admit to being a bit scared as the temperature is getting up, humidity too, and the last thing I need is to turn these guys white...

So, what did I do?  I did thirteen Americans, about twenty North Vietnamese Army (NVA), about a twenty civilians, porters, and water bulls, and a little over a dozen Viet Cong (VC).  Let's start with the Americans.

Here we've got a leader-type (pointing, as in "Sergeant, I can't believe that was the sound of a truck backfiring.  I need to clean my pants.  Is that the head over there?"  Behind him are a couple M-60s.  My US force may not be finished as I didn't give a lot of thought to what my force should look like, i.e., thirteen guys with two M-60s doesn't seem to make much sense...  No problem, I've got plenty of unfinished troops upstairs!

 Top is two M-79 'Thumpers,' bottom is two kneeling riflemen.

Riflemen in two different poses.

If they're US Army I can say it's a doggie and his K-9 (yuk yuk).  This is from the Aussie pack, hopefully no one notices he's carrying an SLR.  Close enough.


Moving on to the NVA.  Leader type in helmet and AK in bush hat.

AK in helmet advancing, SKS in helmet kneeling and firing.


12.7mm HMG and 82mm mortar.


A recoiless rifle (these are actually left over from my Vietminh for Dien Bien Phu, but close enough).  Not sure what type, probably a 106mm weapon.  Also there's a radioman.  Really wish I had an RTO for the Americans...


Me water buffalo.  I was very lazy with these, just a single color then a wash.


Three male village elder types.

Couple women folk with little girls up front and little boys in the rear.

A single porter and three women planting/pulling rice.

And on to my Victor Charles forces.  At top is LMG gunner, bottom is 50mm Japanese 'knee' mortar.

Three fellas in bush hats with Tommy guns.

Three guys with rifles.

Three more with rifles, wearing Japanese helmets.

And three more riflemen, this time with stylish short-pants.  Actually, the guys with the Japanese helmets were wearing shorts too, but I just painted them as pants.

This gives me enough to get some skirmish games in with Matt's "Some Corner of a Foreign Field" rules.  I really, REALLY need some Hueys...  I have some M-48s, M-113s, and Jeeps that could be useful, but they're not finished.

I intend on getting a game in tomorrow, but it's likely going to be Soviet-Afghan with my 6mm stuff.  Keep your eyes peeled.



  1. When I was in the Army (the whole of the 80's) the M79 was always called the "bloop tube". You did very good work on these guys!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it!

    I'd heard blooper before as well, though I must admit the M-79 was a bit before my time. I did carry a 203 in Afghanistan and Iraq though ;) I'll look to get these guys on the table soon, though probably not until next weekend.