Monday, February 24, 2014

Some Friendly Faces, AKA, Perplakistani Gov't Troops


I've been yearning for some Perplakistani Government troops, both to fight alongside the Legionnaires, as well as perform services as potential turncoats, and so I got these guys finished up.  As always they are a little spout of 10mm goodness, in this case entirely from Pendraken.  I used a bunch of the Aussies from the Vietnam range, and I also used the RPG gunner with bush hat from the Vietnam range.  I used my normal, patented desert basing scheme, but instead of using bushes I used tufts, and I think they turned out pretty well.  I also used a more orangey-color for the bases, as opposed to the normal desert sand color.  I really like how these guys turned out.

I can see using these for a whole host different forces in modern/semi-modern Africa, so pay attention all you "AK-47" fiends.

The whole force, with eight officers and fifteen rifle stands.

Side view.


And now for some closeups.  I really need to stop being so lazy and clean up the sides of the bases...  Here's a couple of the Aussie officers.  The Aussie figures are really perfect, what with the bush hats, light web gear, and the FNs, though there are a few M-16s sprinkled in.  Actually, there's some kind of SMG sprinkled in too, looks kind of like a Sterling.

A rifle base, sporting two poses with M-16s and two with FNs.

Ugh...  Sorry for the blur.  At far left you can see the RPG gunner.  Not sure why I put yellow on the nose; just wanted a bit of color I suppose...

Another rifle stand, with M-16 on far left, RPG center right.

Because of the various projects I have going on, I split a few guys off and did up some singly based troops.

Another look.  I have this idea for some modern Special Operations type-stuff that I want to use these guys for (as targets).

Another look.

Complete with the sentry and puppy that needs to be put down.  Dammit, I meant to put some black on the dog, not just leave him brown...

Other side of the dog and handler.

Well, another force completed.  I've got quite a collection going on; my wife says it's a sickness.  She might be right...


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