Monday, February 24, 2014

Last of the Tumorians...


I finally finished up the last of my Tumorian troops.  As with the Tumorian regulars, I used some Minifigs NVA I had lying around, though this time I didn't mix in any Arab Insurgents.  I painted them in the same uniform as the regulars, then gave them black shirts.  I can't say I'm perfectly happy with how they turned out; I tried a couple different things, mostly with dark blues, i.e., tried a blue shirt, tried black shirt with blue trouser, etc..., but nothing really sat that well with me, so I stuck with the black shirt and sand trousers.

The whole point is to differentiate them from the regulars.  I figure I'll use them as some sort of paramilitary/IRGC/Fedayaeen/Basij-type forces, just to have a different troop type and stats on the table.  They're not great, but I think they work for that.

The whole force: 2 officers and seven rifle stands.

A different angle.

The opposite.

A closeup of a couple rifle stands.  The figures are decent, but I really dislike the RPG-2 (bottom left), desiring to have the larger, more visible rocket of the RPG-7.



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