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10mm Troops For Sale!


Every now and again I look at the lead mountain and get frustrated, which leads to looking at troops I haven't used in awhile (or ever!), then deciding to sell some stuff off.  We're there again; Please forgive the photos, they're not "display"-type photos, they're "inventory"-type photos, and if anyone needs better shots of some of the stuff, just let me know.   Here's what we've got:

Soviets: $80
North Africa: $80 - SOLD
British Airborne: $35 - SOLD
Pacific: $75 - SOLD
Take all the WWII stuff for $215 (includes shipping in the US)

Desert Deal: $100 - SOLD 
(US, British, French, Israeli, Western Desert SOF, Falklands Brits painted for desert, African regulars, PLO/Iraqi Insurgents, Arab Regulars, Taliban, Baseej, Falklands Argentinians painted for desert)

Woodland Deal $100 - SOLD
(US, French, Western Woodland SOF, Woodland Russians/Soviets, Russian/Soviet SOF, Woodland IRGC)
Take the Modern Desert and Woodland deals for $175 (includes shipping in the US, and all vehicles/aircraft except the British CH-47 Chinook, which goes with the Falklands deal).

**The modern French vehicles (Panhards, Land Rovers, and Panhards) have to be negotiated as they could go with either the desert or woodland deal.
**The modern Marines have two LAV-25s, a CH-53, and an AH-1 Cobra that need to be negotiated as they could go with either the desert or woodland deal (though the desert and woodland deal each already have one LAV, three AAVs, two Bradleys, two HMMWVs, and three M-1 Abrams).

Falklands Deal $70 - SOLD
(Pendraken British and Argentinians)
Take all the modern stuff (Desert, Woodland, and Falklands, with all vehicles and aircraft) for $215 (includes shipping in the US).

All of these will be discounted if you're buying more than one force, and the more you buy, the deeper the discount.  We can negotiate 'a la carte' forces, but it's going to be more expensive as it just really doesn't make sense for me to do that, and I can't end a sale being in possession of only one side of a conflict.  But please let me know what you're thinking and let's see if we can work something out.

I'll be listing Vietnam stuff soon, I've got to take a good look at what I've got.  I've also got pretty sizable forces for late war US and Germans, then pretty big early war Germans with smaller early-war French and British.

WWII Soviets: the infantry is good for the whole war, got vehicles and guns that span the whole war.  Take the whole lot of WWII Soviets for $80 (which includes shipping in the US), I'll knock it down a bit if you're buying more stuff.
The whole mess: an overall command stand, 18 rifle stands, four PTRD AT rifle stands, three 50mm mortar stands, five MG stands, 4 82mm mortar stands, a bunch of singly-based leaders (I've used them to denote company or platoon commanders, or squad leaders, or heroes, depending on what echelon and rules I'm playing), three cavalry stands, three horse-mounted recon stands, four 45mm ATGs, 3 76mm ATGs, 2 76mm field guns, two BA-10 armored cars, two T-60 light tanks, four BA-64 armored cars, three T-26s, three BT-series tanks, three SU-76s, one early T-34/76, two KV-1s, six mid-war T-34/76s, and three SU-122s.  Mostly Minifigs troops, with some Pendraken troops, vehicles, and guns, and some Takara guns and vehicles.

A look at the infantry.  All the rifle stands are four figs per base.

BA-10s, T-60s, BTs, SU-76s, BA-64s, command stand, various leader stands, AT rifle stands, and 50mm mortar stands.

Horse recon, ATGs and field guns, engineers, and T-26s.

Infantry, MGs, mortars, three metal Pendraken vehicles (T-34 and two KV-1s), and the plastic Takara vehicles.

That's the WWII Soviets.  Next up is the North Africa deal.

The WWII North Africa deal is Brits and Germans for $80, including shipping in the US, discounted if you buy more.

Here are the Brits.  15 rifle stands, three Vickers MG, three 3" mortars, some command stands, and even three PIATs should you wish to take these guys to Italy (I did!).

A closer look.  These are all Pendraken.

And here are their foes, ze Chermans.  Also 15 rifle stands plus some command stands, plus three MG-42s and three 80mm mortars, but then there are also a couple 50mm mortars, two PaK-38s,a FlaK-36 (the dreaded "88"), three armored cars (two Sdkfz 222s and one Sdkfz 232), three Pz IV (short 75mm), and four Pz IIIs (50mm).

ATGs at top left, infantry at bottom left, and light and medium mortars at right.

Rifle stands.

German command stands.

German vehicles.

So, all of that for $80.  Now, I know what you're thinking...  Where's all the other British stuff?  Well, I've got it.  The bad news is, I didn't finish it.  But the good news is, I'll throw it in for free.  What is it?  British engineers, some 25-pdr arty pieces, some 2-pdr ATGs, three Valentines, three Crusaders, three Honeys, three Grants/Lees, and a couple Shermans.  Some is bare metal, most has been primed desert sand.

Moving on, we've got the 'Red Devils' deal.  This is a single force, mid to late war, Pendraken British Airborne.  This is going for $35 by itself (including US shipping), less if you buy more.

The whole force: various command, 18 rifle stands (mix of helmets and berets), three Vickers MGs, three 3" mortars, six PIATs, and six 2" mortars.

Another look, heavy weapons at top.

A look at the rifle stands.

The Pacific WWII stuff, previously advertised, with US Army (center), Marines (right), and Japanese (left) for $75 (including shipping).  Again, I'll knock a little off if you're buying more stuff.

A bunch of modern desert troops.  Pricing gets difficult here; I can't really sell all these guys unless you buy all my Western desert guys too, as if you didn't, I'd end up with no one to fight ;)

What I'd like to do is sell all these guys and all my Western (US Army/Marines, British, French, Western Desert SOF, and Israelis) desert troops and vehicles as a package deal, say $100 for all (there are a bunch of vehicles with the Western troops), cheaper if you buy more.  Buying these guys a la carte, we'll just have to negotiate.  I can't get stuck with having one side of a conflict!

At far left are Pendraken Vietnam-era Aussies painted up as an African force; to their right are Minifigs' urban insurgents (PLO-looking types, with various-colored civilian attire), the next to rows are Arab regulars (urban insurgents and helmeted dudes with AKs, RPDs, and RPGs painted in a sand colored uniform), the next row is Minifigs' mountain insurgents (Taliban-looking dudes in various colored civilian attire), and the last row is actually some Minifigs' NVA I painted up as desert bad guy 'specialists,' like Iranian IRGC or Baseej.  At  bottom are two Minifigs 'Technicals,' one with DshK 12.7mm HMG, the other with a 106mm recoiless rifle.

Another look, from the previous picture's left to right.

Top to bottom: IRGC/Baseej, Taliban, and Arab regulars.

Mostly Arab regulars, lots of them.

Arab regulars at top, PLO/Iraqi insurgent-types at center, African regulars at bottom.

African regulars (Pendraken Aussies, with VC RPGs).

Some various Western stuff: at top are some modern special forces in boonie covers (Minifigs' Vietnam-era Aussies, I'll call them "Western Desert SOF"), then some Minifigs' Vietnam-era US Marines, then some modern British in desert colors (including a couple Scimitars at far left), and, at bottom, some Modern Israelis (Minifigs, with Galils, three Takara Merkavas, and four M-113s).

The Minifigs Aussies (top) and US Marines (bottom).  These Marines are not part of my 'desert deal,' I'll be packaging them with some US Army, VC, and NVA.

The Brits; sorry,  the photo is kinda washed out because of the flash.  These are Minifigs, really great looking troops with SA80s, LSWs, Milans, MAG-58s, and Charles Gustavs.

The two Scimitars, both Pendraken, going with the Modern Desert deal.  There's actually a third, which is built and primed but not painted, that I'll throw in for free.

Minifigs' Brits at right, Minifigs' Israelis at left.

Just to be clear, there are three M-48s and three M-113 ACAVs, but they're not part of the desert troops package, they'll be packaged up with the Vietnam stuff.

Ahh, the French.  Modern French, some of my favorite figures.  All the troops are from Minifigs, as are the AMX-10 APCs, but the Land Rovers and Panhards are from Pendraken.  So, at right we have the desert troops, part of the desert deal, at left are the 'woodland' package.

The only thing about the French is, we've got to negotiate the vehicles, as they could go for the desert or the woodland troops.

Another look at the desert French and the vehicles.

The French vehicles.

Dammit!  And a very blurry pic of the French woodland troops.

Again, any of the modern stuff can be bought a la carte, but I'm really trying to sell it in desert and woodland packages, coming with both sides of the conflict.

Modern US Army/Marines, both desert and woodland.  Pretty easy to work out which vehicles go where, mostly: there are two LAVs here that can go either way, and the CH-53, of course.

Also, here we can see (at bottom) the Western Woodland SOF.

Another look.

Woodland stuff, regular troops at left, SOF at right.  All the troops are Minifigs.

Moving on, we've got the previously advertised Pendraken Argentinians (left).  We also have some Eastern Woodland SOF (Spetznaz types), some of the Minifigs Urban Insurgents in olive drab uniforms with white Keffiyehs (I was using them as IRGC in 'other' theaters), and then at right we have a force that's part of the Modern Desert deal.

It's actually Pendraken Argentinians, but painted up and based for the desert.  You can use them as 50s, 60s, early 70s Israelis, or Iranians.

Another look: the 'desert Argentinians' at top, then the woodland IRGC, then the Soviet SOF, then the actual Argentinians.

The Argentinians are paired with some Pendraken Brits for $70, including shipping in the US, less if you buy more stuff.

The desert Argentinians and woodland IRGC.

Woodland IRGC (top) and Russian SOF.

Okay, a big bag of bad guys, can work as Soviets, Russians, or any of their client states in woodland settings.  The troops at left and right are identical forces, but in slightly different uniforms, so that I could use them together against good guys, or even have them fight each other.  There are two BTRs, two T-55s, four BMP-2s, and three T-72s shown here, with more to be shown later.

The split for vehicles is as follows:
Modern Woodland deal: all the T-72s and and BMPs
Modern Desert deal: the T-55s and BTRs

This split does not take into account the below pics, which are self explanatory (green US and Soviet vehicles go to the Woodland deal, brown US and Soviet vehicles go to the Desert deal).


More Russkies.

Closeup of Russkies; rifle stands have four figures, most with an RPG guy, then there are mortars, MGs, SA-7s, and ATGMS.

Moving on, we've got a big batch of Pendraken British for the Falklands era.  The guys at center are part of the Falklands deal, but on either side of them are the same figures, just painted up for the desert.  The left and right-hand forces are both part of the Modern Desert deal.

A look at some of the desert Brits.

And another.

Then a bunch more US and Soviet vehicles.  All the green stuff is part of the Modern Woodland deal, while all the brown stuff is part of the Modern Desert deal.  The infantry in the center is all Minifigs Brits; I'll throw them into the Modern Woodland deal, though I'm not charging for them as they're not based like the rest of the forces.

The Soviet vehicles, with desert and woodland each having: 1 T-72, a BTR, a BMP-2, and two BRDMs.

The US woodland and desert, with each side having: two Bradleys, an LAV-25, and two HHMWVs.

If you buy the Falklands Deal you get this to go with the Brits.

This one is up for grabs (must be negotiated), can go with the Woodland or Desert US Marines.

This Apache goes with the Israelis in the Modern Desert deal.

If you buy some modern stuff and want them, I've got two unfinished Pumas I'll throw in for free.

And this Sturmovik goes with the WWII Soviets.

So, hop to it, let's make a deal!  I will respond to comments here, private messages on TMP, and at my e-mail (big jack mac -at- hot mail -dot- com) address.


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