Thursday, January 2, 2014

For Mr Tecno-Phil


Here are the photos we were discussing:

 This is the WWI officer from US1 (front)
 and back.  He'd work great for the WWII stuff, but...
 Not with the Vietnam range.  Disregarding the difference in basing, he's shorter and much thinner than the style of the Vietnam range.  So, I'll need to change the plan.

 This guy is V1 (front).
 V1 (back).

 V2 (front).
 V2 (back).

 V3 (front).
 V3 (back).

 This is the M-60 gunner, V6 (front).
 V6 (back).

 M-79 Grenadier, V5 (front).
 V5 (back).
 This is AV6 (which I'm changing, instead of V4), for Recon Marines (front).
 AV6 (back).

 AV7 (front).
 AV7 (back).
 This is the two-man set of US Ardennes Paras forward observers, A29.  The radionman is the guy on the right.  These guys are sized the same as the Vietnam range, so should fit.  This guy is currently carrying an M-1 carbine, which you can barely see: the black dot in the middle of his chest is actually the barrel.  The M-14 is much longer than the M-1 carbine.

 A29 radioman, on left (back).  The reddish brown color on his right side is the butt of his M-1 carbine.

 On a side note, previously I discussed making a Corpsman, and was trying to show you his Unit 1 bag.  The A29 observer, on left, is carrying a bag (pictured above) that looks pretty good as a corpsman's medical bag.

So, top four are now:
1.  Take the rifleman from V2 and swap M-16 for M-14.
2.  Take the rifleman from V3 and swap M-16 for M-14.
3.  Take the officer from V1 and swap M-16 for M-14.
4.  Take the radioman from A29, swap M-1 Carbine for M-14.

Size comparison of M-14 (top) and M-16 (middle).

Not the greatest pic, but another size comparison of M-16 (far right) against M-14 (second from right), and also showing an M-1 carbine (third from right), for the A29 radioman swap of his M-1 carbine to M-14.

So, I could live with the guys with just those swaps, but I'm curious how much farther we can take this.  Can you:
-Unblouse their trousers.

-Build up the flak jackets.

-Add packs.

The reason I ask like this is for sort of an a la carte menu; money is not unlimited ;)

Next up would be:
5.  M-60 gunner from V6, with whatever we decide about unbloused trouses, flak, and pack, the add a front sight post and a nub of a barrel to extend beyond the folded bipod (the current version doesn't have a front sight post or barrel showing).
Then, I'm curious if you can take that M-60 gunner, who has his gun canted up at a 45 degree angle, and point it down at a 45 degree angle, like this:

6.  Then the M-79 gunner from V5, with our decisions about unblousing/flak jacket/packs.  On top of that, how much would it cost to change him to firing the gun?

7.  Start with the rifleman from AV6, swap M-16 for M-14 (this for recon Marines, don't need flak or unblouse trousers).

8.  Start with the rifleman from AV7, swap M-16 for M-14 (another recon Marine).

9.  Not sure what figure to start with, but what I'm looking for is a Corpsman.  So, if you started with V2 again, need trousers unbloused, flak jacket built up, rifle and MG belts removed (or pack added), and add a pistol holster and a "Unit 1" medical bag (looks like the A29 forward observer's bag).

I think that does it for the Vietnam stuff.  I'm still holding out hope for the WWII stuff someday as well ;)

These pics are just for fun; these are for the WWII Guadalcanal project.
 MC4, hard to see, but at front right.  He's got the M1 steel pot, 'boondocker' shoes, pants unbloused (as the style in WWII, in Vietnam Marines would often have them rolled all the way down), carrying a Thompson sub-machinegun.  Over his left shoulder you can see MC1, rifleman with Garand at 45 degrees.

 At far right, MC1.  Again, unbloused pants, boondockers, and M-1 helmet.  The Garand is not correct for Guadalcanal, but it looks close enough to a Springfield for me.

 Far left is back of MC1.

Far left is MC1, to his right is back of MC4.  Those two work for Guadalcanal, but I need at least one, maybe two more rifle poses, a water-cooled .30 cal M1917, and I'd like a 'vertical' BAR man (the current pose is prone).  I'd also like that WWI officer (the very first pic) converted: put an M1 'steel pot' on him, drop his trouser cuffs like MC1 and MC4, shave down the upper portion of his WWI officer breeches, and he should be good to go.  Just need the okay for some WWII stuff ;)


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