Friday, October 4, 2013

French for Dien Bien Phu


So, I'm patiently waiting for my order of French and Vietminh for Dien Bien Phu and, as I'd previously ordered some odds and ends to be used with them, I decided to paint them up.  Here's some pics; I have yet to give them a wash, which is now customary after being talked into it by the good folks on the Pendraken forum.  I must say, though, that I still cringe as I'm doing it, thinking, "Good Lord, I'm ruining that camouflage that took so long to paint."  But, it keeps turning out pretty doggone well, so I will keep doing it.  I'll get photos of them up once they're washed and based, but I need the whole force before I can base them as I believe this will be multi-based.

So, below is what I intend to use for my French paratroopers, plus the actual French paratroopers and some US Marines, once I receive them.

 These are Pendraken WWII Brit Sten Guns with slouch hats.

Regarding uniforms, you'll see I'm going with a hodge-podge of faded OD, French camo, and USMC WWII "duckhunter" (brown-side out) camo.  And it will be mixed and matched.  As you see in the bottom row, at left is French camo top and bottoms w/yellow bush hat, next guy is Fr camo top and bottoms w/USMC camo hat, next guy is OD top and bottom w/USMC camo hat, next guy is OD bottoms, Fr camo top, and yellow hat, next guy is OD bottoms, USMC top, Fr Camo hat, and last guy is OD bottoms w/Fr camo top and hat.  All the guys in the bottom row have leather boots while all the guys in the top row have the French green jungle boots (can't really see them in this pic).

 This group is WWII Brit rifles in slouch hat.

 Far left is WWII Brit Airborne radio, while four on right are WWII Brit AB officers.


 The 1st and 3-5 guys are from WWII US AB Ardennes Forward Observers pack, while 2 and 3 are WWII US AB Ardennes carbines.


 These are the only actual French paratroopers I currently have in my possession.  These guys are crew members for three recoilless rifles.

 Reverse.  I like the poses, but the folding-stock M-1 carbines on the three guys on the right are really tiny!

 Two of the recoiless rifles, with two flamethrowers from the WWII US AB engineers pack.

 Reverse.  The flame tanks are bit dark for my taste, but I wanted them to stand out from the colors I used in the uniforms.

A closeup to show some camo and the French jungle boots.  The green is too bright but looks good once there's a wash on it.  Sorry I didn't think to get a closeup of the USMC camo.


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