Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Small, Sharp Firefight (US AB vs. Germans, Normandy '44)

    After my last fight, I was jonesing for one of my traditional, 'all the cards in the deck' furious shootouts.  So I quickly lined up a small force of US paras and German infantry, and got it on.
    The premise was an Airborne squad was on patrol in Normandy, when shots rang out.  They quickly moved to establish a base of fire and 'right hook.'
 The German forces, behind a wall.  An NCO and an MP-40 flanked by two rifleman.
 The Airborne squad, with an NCO, an SMG, and three rifles on the left and a Lt and two SMG's on the right (I know a Lt shouldn't be leading a squad, but what the heck?).
 Overview of start positions, with US on left and Germans on right.
 Turn 1: The base of fire moved up, suffering a couple pins from the Germans, while the flanking team moved right behind cover of the hill/treeline.
 Turn 2: The base of fire opens up, getting a couple pins, though its SMG decides to dart left to the bushes on that side, where he finds out bushes aren't very good cover, and gets whacked.  The right hook moves up to the treeline to its front, where the opposing German rifleman is apparently a dead-eye, and he knocks down the Lt.
 Turn 3: The base of fire team again opens up a hot fire, actually killing the German NCO and MP-40, and pinning the rifleman on the left side, while on the right the same German 'dead-eye' rifleman gets another kill, popping one of the US SMG gunners.  The remaining SMG gunner on the right puts a few pins on the German marksman.  With the amount of pins on the two remaining Germans and the fact their NCO is kaput, the rest should be easy.  Should...
 Turn 4: The German rifle on the left is too pinned and can't activate, though the base of fire element has acquired some pins and is having troubles of its own.  The SMG on the right hook puts a couple more pins on the German marksman, 5 total, meaning he has to roll a 6 to activate.  Which he promptly rolls, activates, and shoots the remaining right-hook member right between the eyes!  Unbelievable...
 Turn 5: One of the base of fire rifles opens up, putting enough pins on the German left-hand rifle to break him and drive him off, covering the SMG and other rifle move left behind the bushes where their comrade is lying there bleeding out.  That leaves only the 'marksman' for the Germans, who again rolls a 6 to activate, this time rallying off all the pins.
Turn 6: But it's all for naught as the US cards come out first, and the SMG and rifleman finally put him out of his misery.

It was quick and fun, taking maybe 15 minutes.  I was aggravated that the Germans were able to cause so many casualties, but, ces la guerre.


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